Located in picturesque Northern Michigan, Rack A Licious Ranch specializes in guiding for trophies of a lifetime.

This is a high fenced hunting operation. If you are looking to just shoot a deer, we are probably not the right place for you. What we offer is a deer hunt. Our deer are hunted in a natural environment on their terms. You should not expect to come hunting for a day, shoot a trophy, and go home. You should expect, when you come to hunt, that you would need to stay for a few days. Our guides know what they are doing, they are fully licensed and the best at their craft. They will work on putting you in the right spot and at the right time. No matter what species you are hunting our expert guides will put you on that trophy of a lifetime. It will be up to you to capitalize on the opportunities they provide.

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There are a lot of things that differentiate us from other preserves. We score all of our deer prior to your hunt. When we score our deer, we are generous on our scoring so we do not short anyone. You get what you pay for.

We do recommend archery hunters practice and know their limits prior to hunting. Wounded animals are considered dead and full payment is required. We are very good at retrieving wounded game, but it is a challenge and at times can be almost impossible. All wounded animals usually do not live.  Infection gets them if the wounds do not, but that can take up to 3 weeks. We can send a set of horns, but it is never the same. No matter what weapon you use you should practice and know your boundaries.

Hunts include lodging on site. The lodging is spectacular with all amenities and a breath taking view.  All hunts are challenging and rewarding. We hope that you can come and enjoy a hunting experience with us. We feel confident in our abilities to satisfy your hunting needs. We know that after one trophy, you will be back to hunt with us year after year. We are the owners of Rack A Licious Ranch and promise our hunters a hunt of a lifetime with no extra fees or hidden charges!